Collar With Nose Hooks - The Lust Lab
Collar With Nose Hooks - The Lust Lab

Collar With Nose Hooks

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Collar With Nose Hooks

Product Information

This unique humiliation piece offers an ideal opportunity for control and restraint. Attached to a standard leather collar, the nose hook is designed to keep your sub standing at attention, eyes forward, head back. The hook will keep their head wrenched back into place, however it is possible for your partner to wiggle their way free. This adds an extra dimension of control, restraint not only of a physical nature but a mental one as well. Your sub is required to obey your commands even through discomfort. You can decide their punishment if they let the hook slip free! This devious piece is designed to restrict their movement and requires them to hold their posture- or else!

Product Specification


Collar: Fits necks up to 17.5 inches in circumference

Nose strap: 20 inches in length