About Us

Welcome to The Lust Lab!

 We are a small group of individuals whose open mindset about sex and love for BDSM led to a close friendship and the creation of this boutique, called The Lust Lab. 

We passionately believe that sexual pleasures are an essential part of life and a fundamental human right. Sex, sexuality, sexual fantasies and desires should be discussed, explored and expressed without any fear, judgement or shame. This and our (sexually) curious and adventurous spirit inspired our initiative for The Lust Lab.

BDSM is not often openly discussed. We believe that due to this silence there is not enough awareness and too much ignorance. We want to celebrate BDSM in all its glory and show how beautiful, fascinating and fun it is. 

Our mission is to provide convenient access to a wide range of quality BDSM products and sex toys to all identities, curiosities and experience levels. Our commitment is to serve as an informative, tabooless platform with a no-nonsense mentality, promoting a sex positive and progressive attitude. With The Lust Academy blog and our transparent approach to knowledge sharing we aim to broaden horizons, encourage open discussions and destigmatise conversations about BDSM and sexuality overall. 

We’re glad you’re here.


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