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What Does Being Sex-Positive Mean?

What Does Being Sex-Positive Mean?

Sex-positive is an umbrella term used to describe an openminded, nonjudgemental, progressive and tolerant attitude and approach towards sex and sexuality. 

Sex-positivity focuses on emphasising safe and consensual sexual activities between adults.

It is often thought that being sex positive means being kinky, but this is wrong. In sexuality, kinkiness is defined as non-conventional, non-traditional sexual practices, desires and fantasies. Someone who is sex positive can, but does not necessarily need to be, kinky. You can be sex positive without even having sex.

Sex-positivity considers consensual sexual practices between adults as a fundamentally healthy and normal part of life, carried out for pleasure and not only for reproduction.

It encourages open communication and conversations about sex, free of any shame, judgement or fear. Talking about sex should be no different than talking about anything else, it is not a taboo subject. No one should ever feel, or make anyone else feel guilty or ashamed about their desires and fantasies.

Acceptance is an important aspect of sex-positivity. All identities, preferences, orientations and lifestyles are respected and accepted without judgement. They do not necessarily need to be agreed with, understood by or make sense to others.

Sex-positivity embraces comprehensive sexual education. It is advocating to be knowledgable about different physical, emotional and psychological aspects of sex. This also includes understanding and practicing sexual safety.

As a result, being sex-positive contributes to individuals taking control of their sex lives, safer sex and more sexual pleasures.

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