How To: Temperature Play

How To: Temperature Play

How to: Temperature Play

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Temperature play is a form of sensual play which stimulates the body and aims to provoke arousal by using hot or cold objects. It is a common element of BDSM play, but certainly isn’t only for kinksters.

Temperature play is an easy and fun way of introducing new sensations to your foreplay. Exchanging hot and cold temperatures in unpredictable patterns will have the best effect. Combine it with other BDSM elements, such as bondage, spanking or blindfolding to increase the sensual reaction.

Experimenting With Temperature

When hot or cold objects touch our skin, it stimulates the skin’s neuroreceptors. This makes the skin more sensitive and makes every touch after that feel more intense.

Where To Start?

Before you engage in temperature play, you should be well informed and considerate about the objects or substances you are using.

Start experimenting with cold, before trying hot temperatures. Ice cubes are a great and convenient temperature play tool!

Playing with candles, also called wax play, requires special candles. Normal candles have a high melting point and dripping their wax onto your partners skin can cause second-degree burns. Special wax play candles have a low melting point and their wax won’t burn the skin.


Lelo Vanilla And Creme De Cacao Flickering Touch Massage Candle


Vanilla And Creme De Cacao Flickering Touch Massage Candle

Hot And Cold Sex Toys

Some sex toys can be cooled or warmed up, depending on the material they’re made of. Glass and metal sex toys are excellent for temperature play.

Crystal Premium Glass G-Wand

Crystal Premium Glass G-Wand 


Icicles No. 16 Glass Rabbit Vibrator


You can cool them by putting them in the fridge or ice bucket a little while before you’ll be needing them, or warm them up under the warm tap.


Booty Sparks Black Rose Anal Plug Medium


Booty Sparks Black Rose Anal Plug



Stainless Steel Prostate Probe

Silicone toys can be cooled as well, but won’t stay cold for a long time. Don’t be scared to experiment. Trying different and new things is fun and exciting!

Best Body Areas For Temperature Play

Make sure to focus on your partner's erogenous zones. The chest, stomach or back are a good place to start. It’s hard to predict how your partner will react to these (new) sensations, so it's good to start with areas that aren't too sensitive.

If this goes well, you can carefully continue by moving the hot or cold object around, then take it over nipples. It’s important to pay close attention to your partner’s reaction and check it they’re having a good time. If so, you could go down further to inner thighs for example and eventually make your way to the genitals.

If you’re still not sure where to start, just ask your partner what they like.

What are your experiences with temperature play? Share them with us in the comments!

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