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Fetish Photographers You Should Follow On Instagram

Fetish Photographers You Should Follow On Instagram

Fetishes are often perceived as a taboo or appropriate behind closed doors only. The photographers who have embraced its allure are turning the taboo into art. Through posting on social media, their work is reaching large audiences, opening a whole new world for many and awakening their curiosity. Not only is this resulting in more awareness, it is also normalising fetishes in our society and contributing to an open, progressive attitude towards the phenomenon. Fetish photography is redefining our perception of eroticism and these are its leaders.


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Forgetting Myself.

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Joanne Leah is a Brooklyn based artist. Her work explores the relationship between the human body and everyday ordinary objects and materials, by placing and photographing them against one another. The photographs explore themes of isolation, detachment and identity.

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🌈 with @honeylong

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Prue Stent & Honey Long is a Melbourne based creative duo whose photographs of female models in natural Australian landscapes capture a variety of kinks.


Ellen von Unwerth is a German photographer. Her images are a blend of the erotic and the feminine. They expose female sexuality and celebrate women’s bodies.


Guy Bourdin is an acclaimed French artists known for his provocative images. His work glorifies female bodies and empowers women, by featuring self expression in female sexuality.


Steve Diet Goedde is a Los Angeles based photographer. He expresses female sexuality and eroticism through specific angles and poses. The diversity of his subjects make his work very inclusive.


Phoebus Kalista is a Brussels based photographer. The main subjects of his photographs are women and latex. With his work he tries to blur the line between fashion and fetish photography.


Alexandra Kacha is a Los Angeles based photographer. Her photographs capture fetishes in a normalised setting. By experiments with a variety of shades and hues her work remains innovative.

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