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What Is The A-Spot?

What Is The A-Spot?

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Next to the clitoris and the G-spot, there is another pleasure inducing, yet lesser known, area of your body certainly worth exploring.

If you haven’t heard of it but are interested in discovering something new, we would hereby like to introduce you to the A-spot. In an interview with Popsugar, clinical sexologist and sex coach Alicia Sinclair, shares some interesting details about it.
Technically called the anterior fornix erogenous zone, the A-spot is a small patch of sensitive tissue inside the vagina, between the cervix and the bladder.
The A-spot is also referred to as the female prostate, because its location and stimulation are similar to that of a prostate.
To find it Alicia suggests to “curve your fingers into a bit of a hook and reach in about an inch, inch and a half inside the vagina, up if you were pointing towards your belly button, and the first patch of tissue almost feels little bit spongy - that’s the G-spot. And if you go back an inch or two - because every body’s a little different - you’ll sort of find little digits there.”
Stimulating the G-spot is a way to reach intense orgasms and female ejaculation (squirting) during sex. Alicia recommends stimulating the A-spot mainly during foreplay. “The A-spot is more something for creating I would say greater intensity of sensation and lubrication. So you may or may not experience an orgasm from the A-spot, but you might find that it heightens sensitivity and sensation.”
Because of its location, Alicia also suggests to find the A-spot during penetrative anal play (with a partner or by yourself). “Sensation around that area can sometimes stimulate orgasms in the vagina. I always try to remind women that they can experience a lot of pleasure from anal play and part of it specifically is that sensation on the A-spot.”
Toys designed to stimulate the G-spot are ideal for using on the A-spot. In particular the Pure Wand by Njoy. A curved toy with a different size bulb on each end, offering the option to use the smaller or larger end depending on your preference.

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